The 9 Best Jay Leno ‘Tonight Show’ Food Moments

We send Leno off with a collection of our favorite ‘Tonight Show’ food moments
Leno’s Food Scenes
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Leno’s Food Scenes

After a long career of pandering to the masses, Jay Leno will step off as host of the Tonight Show for a final time on Thursday night, February 6th. Beginning his reign in 1992, the long-time host is only the 6th to ever host the late-night show. He is graciously making way for Jimmy Fallon, who will take over his spot as the new king of late-night.

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As someone who has played it safe and has pandered to “the middle-class man” his entire late-night career, he has garnered a ton of clips that everyone can appreciate and related to. And as a seemingly average guy with an wideranging sense of humor, he gave us plenty of jokes we could relate to on everything from politics to current events.

While Leno has had many memorable moments on the show, some of the best ones include his interactions with food. He has done everything from cooking with celebrity chefs to poking fun at food gimmicks. Remember the time in 2009 when he got hung up on the idea of “Meat Water?” Or how about the time he attempted to eat a bowl of cereal doggie style?

In honor of his time as the host of ‘The Tonight Show,’ we compiled some of our favorite food moments on the show. We’ll take you through some of his funniest, silliest and most delicious episodes involving food. As we say goodbye to this iconic TV host, walk down memory lane with us and laugh at these great moments all over again. Salud to you Mr. Leno and thank you for all of the great memories! 

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