8 Worst Drinks for Diabetics

Diabetics should be mindful before consuming these drinks

While some of these drinks are obviously dangerous for those with diabetes, the risks of others aren’t as well-known.

Choosing diabetic-friendly drinks isn’t always easy. For many of us, a soda is the first thing we reach for to quench our thirst, but it’s certainly not the healthiest drink choice, especially for diabetics who have to think twice about what they consume.

8 Worst Drinks for Diabetics (Slideshow)

For those who have diabetes, it's crucial that they watch what they drink in order to maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar level, because beverages high in carbohydrates, calories, and sugar can be seriously harmful. But being mindful of drinks with high levels of sugar and carbs can be tough when so many drinks out there are loaded with them.


Drinks such as soda, alcohol, and energy drinks are generally known as unhealthier options. But some seemingly healthy drinks, including fruit juice, coffee, and whole milk, can also be dangerous for diabetics. Take a look at which drinks diabetics should stay away from.