8 Tips for Better Guacamole

The talented chef of Dos Caminos shares tips for making the best guacamole yet
Guacamole Toppings Your Guests Will Love

The Daily Meal recipe editor Emily Jacobs shows you how to take your guacamole to the next level with great toppings suggestions

Dos Caminos

Foolproof tips for making the perfect guacamole.

It’s hard not to get excited by someone expertly making guacamole tableside — most mouths will water at the site of the creamy, green avocado meat combined with a flavor-packed mixture of onions, chile peppers, lime, and cilantro. And while making guacamole at home is easy in theory, there are slight missteps that can occur along the way to ruin this favorite party dip.

From the best tool for mashing avocados to suggestions for alternative dippers, chef Ivy Stark, of the popular Mexican restaurant chain Dos Caminos, shares her tips for making perfect guacamole.

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Check out this slideshow of her tips to learn what order to prepare the guacamole in (mash avocados first or combine the onions and other aromatics?) plus other little-known tips and her go-to guacamole recipe.