8 Things You Need to Eat at the MLB All-Star Game

New York's Citi Field, Major League Baseball's culinary mecca, will house baseball’s best July 19
Jane Bruce

The All-Star Meatball Hero was created specifically for the All-Star Game.

This summer the MLB All-Star Game will be held at New York City’s Citi Field, home of the New York Mets and some of the best ballpark food in the league. The ballpark, located in Flushing, Queens, brings a variety of New York staples to its patrons throughout the season. Some favorites include Two Boots Pizza, Shake Shack, and Blue Smoke. 

This year’s All-Star Game will feature all the usual stadium items, plus the All-Star Meatball Hero, created by ARAMARK at Citi Field executive Chef Robert Flowers for the occasion. The sandwich is made with meatballs of ground beef, pork, and veal along with red sauce, buffalo mozzarella, and fried basil. It wouldn’t be ballpark food if something wasn’t fried, right? 


The game is sold out, and hungry baseball fans will be lining up for all kinds of food. Citi Field is expected to sell about 37,000 hot dogs (topped with 750 gallons of mustard, or 900 gallons of ketchup), 13,700 soft pretzels, and 7,800 bags of peanuts. So while you may have to wait in line, these are the items worth waiting for.