8 Thanksgiving-Flavored Drinks

Thanksgiving isn’t just about the food anymore — we found 9 drinks that have the flavor of the holiday

We're totally digging these Thanksgiving inspired drinks that we can enjoy year round.

Ah, Thanksgiving — you’ve spent days planning your menu and ordered your oversized turkey well in advance. The table has been set and the guests will be arriving soon. It’s a lot of work for one day! Although Thanksgiving is arguably one of the most delicious holidays to celebrate, it can be a pain to spend hours, even days, cooking with only one meal of indulgent glory. The leftovers only last a few days and then we’re in turkey withdrawal and we start dreaming about ways to get our Thanksgiving fix all year-round. But now we found a solution — we can drink Thanksgiving.

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Jones Soda Co., the popular, unique soda company, has at time come out with flavors that are crazy enough to make you want to gag, but many that also make your mouth water. Their turkey-flavored soda had us sold the minute we laid eyes on it. It might be a limited-edition novelty, but it was enough to get us thinking. From there we delved further in the beverage world and found cranberry-flavored vodka, banana-bread-flavored beer, pumpkin-flavored coffee, and even a green been smoothie.


It might sound crazy, but you can now drink the delicious flavors of Thanksgiving year-round. Who wouldn't love the flavors of turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and even a little bit of banana bread in a bottle? Whether you’re drinking it in a soda, a coffee, or even a beer, the flavors we enjoy on one day of the year are now spreading to our fridges on all 365. So without further ado, here are nine drinks that actually taste like Thanksgiving that you can enjoy when it’s not necessarily the official Turkey Day.