8 Party-Perfect Potato Chip Dishes

Staff Writer
In honor of National Potato Chip Day, we’re spotlighting a few chip-infused dishes that will win you over

These buffalo wings just got even better.

We find it hard to believe that there could be someone out there who doesn't like potato chips, especially when there are so many flavors to choose from.

Try These Chip-Filled Dishes For Your Next Bash!

We’re crazy about potato chips, whether we're enjoying a classic Lay’s (preferably folded for double crunch) or a tangy salt and vinegar chip, making funny faces with our Pringles, or even going the lighter-than-air route and digging into a bag of Popchips.

We’re fans of dipping them, scooping them, and adding them to our sandwiches.

We even like them chocolate-covered and candied, but one thing that we’re super excited about is adding them to our favorite recipes for an extra boost of flavor and a little extra crunch.

7 Delicious, Nutritious Alternatives to Potato Chips7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Make with Potato Chips

We’ve rounded up a few recipes are sure to turn heads at your next party. From comfort food favorites like Buffalo wings and onion rings to a potato chip frittata, these recipes, though filled with a junk food favorite, will make you forget their calorie count.