8 Healthy Back-to-School Meals

Make delicious and wholesome food for your family this fall with these easy recipes from Tessemae's All Natural
8 Healthy Back-to-School Meals
Tessemae's All Natural

Make this flavorful salmon with only 6 ingredients.

Back-to-school can be a busy time of year; you’ve got to get into a new routine that involves plenty of extra to-dos like homework and extra-curricular activities. Between football practice, piano lessons, and the class bake sale, it can be hard to find time to cook wholesome meals that your whole family will love. Fortunately, there are short cuts.

Any busy parent knows that if you want your children to eat healthy, you’ve got to make something they’ll love eating. The Vetter brothers, founders of the condiment and salad dressing company Tessemae’s All Natural, have eight great ideas about using salad dressing to quickly and easily add tons of delicious flavor to healthy dishes, like their line of products these recipes use real, all-natural ingredients so you can feel good about what you’re feeding your family.

Whether you’re looking for healthy breakfast options, a fresh take on lunchbox classics, or a healthy and delicious dinner that’s on the table in minutes, these recipes can help.

If you need make-ahead breakfast options try this Chia Coconut Pudding with Fresh Fruit or Ham and Egg Omelet Cups. Both can be made the day before and are easy to pack to-go if you’re need breakfast on the run.

School-age children will love finding Turkey Pinwheels in their lunch box, a fun alternative to the traditional turkey sandwich. And parents need healthy lunches to go, too; try a sweet and crunchy twist on Tuna Salad or a Chopped Kale Salad.

After-School Snack
Swap sugary, over-processed snacks for Zesty Ranch Nut Mix. Nuts are a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals; the zesty ranch flavor is just an added bonus!

Give yourself fewer things to do on weeknights with these easy dinner ideas: if you plan ahead and marinate salmon for at least 30 minutes then Salmon with Chesapeake Corn, Tomato, and Avocado Salad takes just 4–6 minutes in the oven. You can also make sweet and savory grilled BBQ Pork Chops with Peaches and Sweet Onions in well under a half an hour.

For more recipes and products from Tessemae’s All Natural, visit their website.

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