8 Edible Spa Treatments

These treatments will leave your body relaxed and rejuvenated… while piquing your appetite.


Food is not just for eating anymore — the last time you were at a hotel or spa, you may have noticed a service or two that sounded, well, down right delicious. We're talking more than just fresh cucumber rounds for de-puffing eyes, or homemade avocado masks. These treatments take a cue from ingredients that we might otherwise see on the breakfast table, like pineapple or milk.

Steeped in history, and recently transformed into a modern and environmentally-sustainable destination, the Stone House is a luxurious seaside inn located in the quaint farming town of Little Compton, R.I. The inn's spa currently offers  a heady treatment inspired by the well-known holiday cocktail, the seasonally-appropriate Hot Toddy Scrub to help with dry skin. The 60-minute session begins with a deeply aromatic cornmeal, clove, orange and cinnamon body scrub from the locally produced Farmaesthetics line of beauty products. Finish up with a hot toddy in your room.

Like alcohol, sugar is another indulgence that may be a diet no-no but a spa treatment yes. Steps away from famed North Michigan Avenue shopping, the Spa and Fitness Club at the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago is a soothing oasis for the weary business traveler or the busy visitor. After pounding the pavement, treat yourself to the Spa's Sugar Plum Manicure and Pedicure, the perfect holiday treat for achy feet.

The seasonal treatment begins with an exfoliating sugar scrub, followed by a sugar plum revitalizing masque, and then a stimulating massage using a sugar plum soufflé cream. You will be so relaxed that night, that as you sleep the sugar plum fairies may dance in your head.

Situated along Seven Mile Beach, The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman offers everything from world-renowned restaurants, including one from Eric Ripert of New York’s Le Bernadin, to a Greg Norman golf course and custom tennis programs by Nick Bolletieri, but the richest indulgence to be had is at the resort's La Prairie Spa. Both scientific and pampering, the Caviar Firming Facial, utilizing La Prairie's Caviar Collection products, offers unparalleled results when it comes to improving your skin's firmness

Whether taking advantage of the exfoliating power of natural fruit acids, the collagen-boosting power of caviar, or the relaxing properties of herbs like cinnamon and cloves, there is an effective science behind these services that leaves us literally hungry for more.

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