8 Drinks That Fans Miss the Most

8 Drinks that Fans Miss the Most

The customer is always right. Always give the consumer what they want. These are mantras that the food and restaurant industries (and most others, for that matter) live by. Still, we've all been there before: seen our beloved food and drink products unceremoniously pulled from grocery shelves and run out of stock at store outlets.

To this, people can react rather unfavorably. We shake our heads and huff indignantly at the employee who broke us the tragic news. We curse the number-crunching bigwigs whose bottom line analysis didn't take into account just how very much we loved said product. The most passionate among us might even take our battle cry online — looking to enlist like-minded consumers through petitions on Facebook fan pages, we hope that someone out there will take notice and realize the terrible mistake that's been made.

Oftentimes, these dearly departed items find themselves memorialized on 'greatest hits' lists of cult classics from eras gone by. In 


yeah, sure there are the nostalgic favorites, the ones everyone likes to talk about, just for conversation's sake, but would they be compelled to, say, start a facebook group..

sign of a drink they miss, start posting recipes for it, sell on ebay


Starbucks Valencia Syrup

McDonald's Orange Drink

Sprite Remix

DD Milk Way Hot Chocolate

Mt. Dew Black Mission

Ecto Hi-C


Orig Mr. Pibb