8 Couture Donuts Across the Country

These 8 chefs have created truly fashionable eats

Donuts, who doesn't love them? As a coffee pairing alone, they're one of America's favorite comfort foods alone with apple pie and burgers. What happens when the classic donut hole gets a makeover? 

Dig into our 8 Couture Donuts Across the Country!

We’re all about finding good eats, but if we find fashionable ones in the making—it’s even better. Anything can be en vogue if it wants to be, but for food to become trendworthy it has to push all the boundaries—flavor, presentation, innovation—and that’s what we have here with these eight bites.

Filled, flat, creamed, or just your average donut-hole shape, these fried favorites are anything, but ordinary. All original ideas, these chefs should be considered designers for making such decadence out of dough. While some can be made at home, others we'd rather have while at a restaurant or at an event.

We’re convinced they take the cake—what do you think?