8 Coolest Drinking Gadgets for Dad

From beer to coffee, get Dad what he really wants this Father's Day

Need gift ideas for Father's Day? Eight awesome drinking gadgets Dad will love.

Dad can be the hardest person to shop for on Father's Day. And while an extra tie is always useful, and we're sure he loved that macaroni frame back in the day, you’re a little sophiscated and chic now — and your Father’s Day gift can be too.

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What does Dad love more than kicking back with a frosty cold beer while he watches the game, or sipping on a whiskey while he grabs some precious alone time with a cigar, or even having a stiff cocktail on the patio? That’s why this year, the perfect gift for Dad is indulging him with gadgets for his favorite drinks.

We've got all the gadgets your Dad could want, whether he loves coffee, cocktails, or anything in between. You could always get him a good mug for the office or a set of fancy wine glasses, but don’t you think that it’s time you stepped it up? We’ve got the perfect gadget guide, from a whiskey glass that will keep his drink eternally cold to sneaky flasks hidden in golf clubs, and more.


Click ahead to find our gadget picks for Father's Day — and while you’re at it, snag something for yourself. Dad or not, we could all use a drink.