The Last-Minute Spirited Father’s Day Gift Guide

What to get Dad this Father’s Day that will keep him drinking all day long

Get your dad the ultimate bottle of liquor this Father's Day.

The best memories you may have with your father are those sitting back with a brew, glass of pinot, or even whisky neat. So forget the cheesy ties, the golf tees, and the family photo frame and get Dad a liquor-fueled gift he’ll actually use — and enjoy.

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Most gift-givers think that Dad wants the usual bottle of single malt or gin he usually drinks, but as Jonathan Goldstein at Park Avenue Liquor Shop in New York City assures us, now’s the time to surprise him. “Some people come in knowing what their dad or grandpa’s favorite brands are, and others come in wanting something new and exciting,” Goldstein says. “We can help them go either direction.” Knowing what brands your dad enjoys will help your liquor expert pick the perfect bottle for him, or maybe something new. Look for new distilleries or brands or unusual ingredients when picking a bottle for Dad, Goldstein says. And, hey, splurge a little: “Do one better bottle that he won’t treat himself to instead of spreading it out over two lesser bottles,” he says. As an alternative to a bottle, also consider getting Dad something alcohol-fueled to eat.


Most important, now’s the time to get personal. Buying a bottle for Dad is great, but take it to the next level with a personalized label or note. Johnnie Walker Blue Label offers custom-engraved bottles (find out where New Yorkers can get one engraved on the spot), but even a quick note for Dad will mean more than you know. Look for these bottles in premium liquor stores, or fast-track shipments for some booze-infused treats for Father’s Day.