7 Summery Hostess Gift Ideas Slideshow


1. Linnea’s Lights Tuberose Candle

It's a candle unlike any other candle we've ever seen (OK, smelled?). Triple-scented with the heady, intoxicating aroma of tuberose, this clean-burning, soy wax-based candle lasts 60 hours. Hand-crafted and packaged in hand-stamped, recycled materials (matchbook included), this is an irresistible gift to give. 

2. Beekman 1802’s A Year in the Country Soaps

Bring the country to your city-living host! Inspired by moments throughout the year like the aroma of fresh-cut spring grass to the smell of leaves and apples in the fall, these handmade soaps are made from free-roaming, grass-eating goats that drink the same water that once made Sharon Springs, N.Y. one of the most famous spa destinations around the world. 

3. Michel Design Works Clematis Decoupage Tray

A beautiful tray that is excellent for serving cheese, nuts, and cocktails, passing appetizers, or simply as a decorative element to add to your coffee table or ottoman. Complete the gift with a package of cocktail napkins and coconut chili macadamia nuts

4. Roberta Roller Rabbit Tablecloth

Every host should have a couple of these brightly colored, block-printed tablecloths. They’re great for adding a punch of color to your table with minimal effort and can be dressed up or down. Taking the party outdoors? They can also be used for covering old cushions on outdoor furniture when setting up a living room-like area in the grass. Or, bring one on your picnic to add some style to the table.

5. Breakfast in a Basket


If you're looking to lend your host a hand, nothing beats bringing along something homemade. Whether you're staying for dinner, or the whole weekend, gift a basket filled with nearly everything they'll need for breakfast (except the coffee). Read these tips for making your own homemade apricot or cherry jam with fresh fruit, then bake a batch of muffins (we're partial to blueberry in the summer). Pack it all up in a beautiful basket along with some sweet butter and you're set.

6. Terrain's Marshmallow Roasting “Twig”

Kids of all ages will agree: There is no better way to end a family gathering than with a fire in a fire pit or the fireplace, roasted marshmallows, and s’mores. This twig-shaped roaster is an upscale alternative to the wooden roasting stick with a whittled-off point — plus, there is no chance that it will catch on fire and burn. Just don't forget to bring along the marshmallows, chocolate, and grahams, too.

7. Wine Caddy (and Wine)


Gifting just any old bottle of wine (like that $15 bottle of red from the corner store) isn't our first choice when it comes to hostess gifts. But with proper research and due diligence (and some stylish packaging), we’ll let gifting wine slide. Pick up a stylish, insulated caddy like this that your host will use again and again, then fill it with a bottle of something significant. Visiting friends who have always wanted to go to Provence? Bring the French countryside to them and source a bottle of good French rose. Toasting your friend on their birthday? Bring along a nice vintage from their birth year.