7 Inauguration-Inspired Vacations

Travel like the president during the inauguration weekend


While most Washington, D.C.-area hotels are fully booked for the inauguration weekend, those who want to celebrate the inauguration can do so with a presidential-style vacation.

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Those with tickets to the inauguration but who still need a presidential-worthy place to stay can book the American-style package at the Park Hyatt Washington. The four-night package includes a stay in the Presidential Suite, a private chef’s dinner at Blue Duck Tavern, help choosing which outfits to wear to inaugural balls, and tickets to a concert at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall.

If you’re headed to the presidential swearing-in ceremony and parade but are without a room and hefty pocketbook, staying in New York City is an alternative. A three-hour train ride away, Manhattan hotels are offering less-pricey options. The Westin New York Grand Central’s Presidential Perks package starts at $450 for the Secretary of State option, which includes a basket of President Barack Obama’s favorite snack foods, like salted caramels and trail mix, and a $44 in-room dining credit (in honor of the 44th president).

For those seeking to just travel and eat like the president for a day, hotels on the West Coast are opening up their presidential suites — many of which have hosted the current and past presidents — and are offering the ultimate venue to host an inauguration viewing party.


Lauren Mack is the Special Projects Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @lmack.