7 Iconic Comic Foods in Honor of New York Comic Con

Superheroes, supervillains, and the things they love to eat

What do superheros and villains love to eat? Find out here!

With DC Comics and Marvel infiltrating the big screen with comic-book blockbusters, the legends and lore of superheroes have become way more mainstream. You know their alter egos, their enemies, and their trademark weaknesses. Heck, you may even know who they are dating. But one thing many people don’t know about their beloved superheroes is their favorite foods.

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To be fair, most heroes appear in endless panels without eating or drinking a thing. According to Jeff Ayres, manager at Forbidden Planet in New York City, seeing a superhero eat isn't common. "You have the ultimate classic comic book character, Wimpy, who is obsessed with hamburgers... but narrowing it down to superheroes specifically is tough." 

Which is a completely fair assessment, since most of them get their energy from some mystical force or just are simply too ethereal to bother with the mundane task of eating. But every now and then we come across a character that has consistent cravings and an insatiable hunger for food — whether they're human or something else.

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With Ayres' help and the input of superhero super-fans, we came up with a list of some of our beloved superhero and supervillain’s favorite foods to munch on (or obsess over) in their own universe.