7 Hotels for Breaking Resolutions

Strong cocktails, sleeping past noon, and breakfast in bed… these hotels can’t even spell 'resolution'

You can’t eat less, drink less, spend less, and get into less (fun) trouble all year, can you? Kick off the inevitable end of those noble resolutions with a luxuriously sinful stay at one of these hotels where rules (and resolutions) were definitely made to be broken.

Resolution #1: Eat healthy and in moderation; no more indulging

We’ve heard it all before, and we’re sure London’s Landmark Hotel has, too. But that hasn’t made their Sunday brunches any less lavish or unapologetic. The buffet-style spread offers beautiful

pastries topped with fruit, chocolate, whipped cream, and sugar that are all washed down with buckets of champagne. Savory choices aren’t any less indulgent, with smoked salmon and charcuterie available, and the meal is so popular that even hotel guests are encouraged to book their spot ahead of time. (Photo courtesy of Landmark London)

If you’d rather break resolutions in the privacy of your own room, there is any number of room service menus to help, but we’d choose the sumptuous Spanish menu at Beverly Hills’ wild and Mad Hatter-esque SLS Hotel. Chef José Andrés is the man behind the food here, making it easy to exchange that juice fast for cheese plates, jamón Iberico, flan, and some samplings from the Saints and Sinners minibar.

Resolution #2: Drink less

Talk about setting yourself up for failure! Who wouldn’t need a cocktail after promising to eat gluten- and dairy-free for 12 months? Quinoa tastes better washed down with an Old Fashioned or a gin martini. San Francisco’s Clift Hotel is home to the recently restored and legendary deep-hued and glamorous Redwood Room, where the cocktails are strong and the liquors are well-lit. (All the better to mix and match.)

If you’re sinning anyway, why not add sloth to the mix and find a bar you can swim up to? If you like your sloth with a side of gambling, swim up to the bar at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, or get waiters to meet you out in the ocean, cocktails in hand, at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman.

Resolution #3: Get out more, explore more, and get active

This is the perfect resolution to fracture without completely breaking. Staying in bed past noon has its virtues, but why not do so on a weekend spent somewhere new? You will not want to get out of bed (or your robe) at Napa Valley’s Poetry Inn, where views of rolling green hills and the promise of award-winning wines no further than the lobby are perfect excuses to skip doing anything active. Primland, a palatial hotel secluded in the Blue Ridge Mountains, has the same affect. (Photo courtesy of Primland)