7 Great 7-Layer Dip Recipes (Slideshow)

Try some of our top recipe picks and get layering (and dipping)

Zesty 7-Layer Dip Recipe

Seven-layer dips can be pretty bland if you don't add spices and extra flavors. Adding these zesty ingredients makes for a recipe bursting with flavor. 

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Game-Winning 7-Layer Dip Recipe

This layered dip is bound to be a win at your next footabll party or gathering. 

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Greek Style 7-Layer Dip Recipe

This seven-layer dip replaces sour cream with nonfat Greek yogurt, which is healthier and equally creamy. I've also topped it off with some feta cheese and Greek Kalamata olives, which I find more flavorful than conventional olives. Delicious and healthy. Enjoy with pita or pita chips!

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7 Layer Dip Recipe Recipe


There are easier versions of this favorite dip, but I love the flavors that fresh cilantro and roasted poblanos add. If you don't feel like turning on the oven, substitute a can of tomatoes with chilis for the Roma tomato, poblano peppers and fresh cilantro.

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Game Day 7-Layer Dip Recipe

Football season is in full swing, and everyone knows that game day celebrations aren’t complete without the delicious tailgate feast. Actress, mom, and football enthusiast Holly Robinson Peete has created this recipe and many more perfect for game day.

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Easy 7-Layer Dip Recipe


Whip up this easy dip for your next football party or get-together with friends. 

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Healthy 7-Layer Dip Recipe

We all love seven-layer dip, but we don't like how unhealhty it can be. Try this recipe for a healthier version.

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