7 Drinks That Make You Smarter

These drinks can help you think!

When you’re feeling low on brain power, these drinks will make you smarter!

Our ability to think, concentrate, and remember things is thanks to the most fundamental organ in our bodies — the brain. Since the brain controls many of the body’s most essential functions — thought, movement, behavior, senses, and more — we must make sure it’s performing at its very best. For those times when you’re feeling low on brain power, there are certain drinks can make you smarter.[related]

7 Drinks That Make You Smarter

From enhancing learning ability to protecting the brain from damage to improving memory, these drinks can do a lot for our brains. Considered one of the best drinks for the brain, blueberry juice has tons of brain-boosting effects, including improving memory and cognitive ability, slowing decline in mental health in older individuals, and protecting the brain from stress and damage from free radicals.

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Other drinks that can make you smarter are green tea, which boosts brain power and improves overall concentration and performance; pomegranate juice, which contains protective antioxidants; and red wine, which can aid in the process of neuron growth. Click through our slideshow to see which drinks will make you smarter and why.