Cool-as-a-Cucumber Recipes

A great way to use your cucumbers for any meal

Photo Cucumbers Modified: Flickr/ Karen and Brad Emerson/ CC4.0


Cucumbers are the ideal summer ingredient. Mild in flavor, packed with juices, cool, and crunchy… Cucumbers can be eaten on their own or can be transformed into some amazing dishes that utilize their unique traits.

There are many types of cucumbers out there, differing in size, shape, seeds, and skin. I prefer to use English, or Hothouse, cucumbers when I cook. They are big, juicy, and entirely edible. English cucumbers are perfect for salads, sauces, crudité, and even cocktails because of their thin, sweet skin.

Cucumbers can be found across North America, Europe, and Asia, inspiring dishes from many kinds of cuisine. While most people know that your basic pickle was once a fresh cucumber, there are other dishes where the presence of the cucumber is less obvious. You might not even know that the flavors in some of your favorite foods are anchored by the subtle taste of cucumbers. Tzatziki sauce and gazpacho would taste completely different if it weren’t for the cucumbers used to make them. 

So grab your cucumbers and try some of these delicious recipes from around the web. 

Cucumber Kimchi

This Asian-inpired recipe makes a great snack or side dish that will keep in your fridge for a couple weeks. 

Gazpacho of Cucumber and Fennel with Tomato Sorbet 

This twist on the classic cold soup has a kick of fennel and a unique tomato sorbet that will impress your guests. 

Simple Tzatziki

Tzatziki gets its uniquely refreshing flavor from cucumbers. Lather it on a piece of meat for a delicious Greek-inspired meal

Wild Rice and Cucumber Salad

Forget the plain white rice. Try this wild rice and cucumber dish that's full of flavor and crunch. 

Curried Cucumber and Tomato Soup

Trying to come up with a nice summer starter? This cold soup with a little Indian flare is the perfect way to start your meal. 

Lamb Chops with Cucumber-Dill Sauce

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