6 Types of Parents You Wish You Could Avoid at Parties

It’s your kid’s birthday, so you have to play nice, but these parents are harder to deal with than the kids!
Parents You Hate

Try not to let these people get under your skin.

1. The Helicopter Parent

“Why no, Mrs. Smith, I didn’t put shrapnel in the mac n’ cheese so little Billy would ingest it and die. You really don’t need to comb through his food and double check. Promise.”



2. The Pretentious Parent

“Please, Mr. Jones, continue to prattle on about your thesis on Kurt Vonnegut’s Fahrenheit 451 and how it changed your perception of the modern world. It totally jibes with the Kidz Bop soundtrack we are playing.”

shut up


3. The Braggart

“Gosh Mrs. Thomas, tell us more about the time little Muffy played an entire Mozart concerto while accompanying herself on the flute. That definitely makes me feel better about the fact that my Brad can’t pluck ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ on the ukulele.”



4. The Snobby Parent

“Yep Mr. Johnson, I really did decide to provide chicken fingers instead of caviar. I had a hunch the kids might appreciate it more.”



5. The Peppy Parent

“Uh, Mrs. Williams, there really is no need to... oh okay, you’re already in the clown suit? You’ve already purchased 126 balloons for balloon animals? No I understand, you’re just worried the kids won’t have fun with the entertainment I provided. Nope. That’s cool, see you and Annie soon.”

make it stop


6. The Absent Parent

“Really Mr. Miller? We are going to just pretend you didn’t see your little Joey throw a temper tantrum and threw birthday cake at the wall? I suppose you’re going to be angry at me when I go correct him too, right?”

absent parent


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