6 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts Slideshow


1. The Mom-on-the-Go

Give mom an excuse to sit down and take a moment for herself by gifting her some of Harney & Son’s Mother's Bouquet tea. Completely caffeine-free, the tea is scented with rosebuds and cornflowers, with a hint of citrus, making for a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up. If you live near your mom, surprise her with an afternoon tea. Read our tips for brewing tea, and make some scones to serve along with clotted cream. You can even invite dad, too. 

2. Mom with a Sweet Tooth

No diet has ever been derailed from indulging in one delicious, oh-so-worth-it sweet every day. Good Karmal’s rich and smooth fortune-wrapped candies are just the thing to have sitting in a bowl for that afternoon pick-me-up. (Reading the inspirational quotation printed on each wrapper helps, too.) We can’t seem to get enough of the sea salt-flavored treats (and can’t wait to try the chocolate sea salt variety). Plus, every hostess should have a candy bowl set out somewhere in the house!

3. The Mom Who Loves to Cook


You know the kind. For as far back as you can remember, your memories of mom are of her in the kitchen, making pancakes for breakfast, packing your lunchboxes, or cooking with four pots bubbling on the stove.


Acknowledge mom’s culinary prowess this Mother’s Day and gift her a bright red apron to wear the next time she's behind the stove. Then give her a night off from the kitchen by offering to cook her a three-course dinner. Not that experienced in the kitchen? Ask mom if you can cook a special family recipe together. She’ll be delighted to work with a sous chef and pass her culinary expertise on to one of her own.

4. The Mom with Little Ones at Home


For the mom who is always up early getting the kids ready for school, nothing is more luxurious and indulgent than a leisurely breakfast in bed (served by the little ones she's usually dragging out of bed). Keep breakfast simple, chic, and most important, delicious. Brew a pot of good coffee and bake some tender nutty or berry-filled muffins. Serve it on a tray along with quality European-style butter and fruit preserves — including her favorite newspaper or magazine is optional.

5. For the PB-Loving Mom

For many, a fondness for peanut butter and jelly begins in childhood, thanks to all the PB+Js moms have packed in our lunchboxes or shoved in our hands as we’ve been sent out the door. There is something irresistible about the creamy spread that even the most accomplished figures in the food industry can’t resist.


This Mother’s Day, make mom one of these favorites, but with a twist: pecan butter and bacon jam. The subtly cinnamon-y, pecan-based butter, when layered with the sweet and savory bacon jam, makes for an unusual combination. Make a sandwich and wrap it in waxed paper, just like she did for you. Stick it in her purse for a midday snack surprise that will make her smile.

6. For the Busy Mom who Loves to Entertain


For the mom who works hard during the day, whether it’s in the office or running about, it can be hard to keep up with the daily agenda, stay on top of housework, restock the pantry at home, and still feel ready and prepared to host a dinner or cocktail party over the weekend. So surprise mom this year by taking a day to care for her home for her.


Start by deep cleaning the house. If she doesn’t have a cleaning service, dust the floorboards and vacuum all around. Is the silver polished? Tackle that next. Next, look to her pantry and her stash of cocktail napkins and candles. Is she out of entertaining foodstuffs like salted nuts, crackers, tapenades, and cocktail olives? What about seasonally-appropriate cocktail napkins? Sparkling water and other mixers? Restock whatever essentials she should have (and surprise her with a bottle of Champagne awaiting in the fridge). And don’t forget the working moms with kids at home — make sure their pantry is stocked with these go-to mealtime staples for making a nutritious, kid-friendly meal in no time.