6 Tabletop Trends for Fall Slideshow


1. Something with Flare

Well, and flair, too.


On the runways, flared pant legs are back, and the same is true for home. Use this subtly flared set of flatware from Crate and Barrel when setting the table. When serving drinks to guests, use these hand-blown glasses from Simon Pearce instead of more traditional highballs or pint glasses.

2. Metallic Finishes

Hosting a dinner party? Instead of supplementing your standard white plates and neutral table linens with a burst of color from napkins or a vase of flowers, opt for a metallic accessory. Use these small bowls and accompanying rectangular tray in a rich, dark grey-toned pewter from Juliska to add style to your party when serving appetizers.


These simple, gold-banded Champagne flutes from Macy’s are sure to add a golden touch to your table, or for something more luxe, go with these gold-toned Murano glass goblets from Michael C. Fina. Looking for a classic decorative element to invest in? These brass nesting bowls from ABC Home are stylish and eye-catching. Their organic shape makes them a great decorative foundation for a brilliant centerpiece.

3. Floral Prints and Motifs

Traditionally, floral designs are often saved for spring. Yet, this fall, large-scale floral prints are popping up all over, from dinnerware to fabrics. Use a richly colored, magnolia-print Jacquard tablecloth like this from Anthropologie, in a deep blue-green pattern to add a statement of color and a romantic look to your table. On a budget? Opt for the more versatile napkins to add a burst of color instead.


If the thought of chintz-y floral prints comes to mind (and makes you groan), never fear. Look to flower-inspired decorative elements to dress up an otherwise plain table. We love these delicate rose-shaped votives and pillar candle holders from Layla Grace that add a feminine touch; they come in both brilliant silver and gold tones, too.

4. Rich Textures

This year, corduroy, a schoolyard favorite, is back in style on the runway, and it makes for an unexpected but surprisingly luxurious addition to any get-together.


Corduroy has a rich textural quality that makes one's fingers just want to reach out and touch it, as do materials like moleskin and felted wool. But there is no need to go out and spend a fortune reupholstering your chairs. Pick up a set of corduroy placemats for seven dollars each, available at Kohls, or choose a modern grey-felt runner from Selina Rose for the center of your table, instead.

5. Inspired by Nature

For fall dinner parties, bring elements of the outdoors in, with materials inspired by leaves and trees. Set the table with a rich, olive-colored, leaf-shaped placemat from Sur La Table. For something less seasonal and more durable, use these found-wood placemats from Olive and Cocoa that can also double as trivets to shield antique dining room tables from hot casserole dishes. 


Every host should have a set of durable coasters. If we could buy only one new thing this fall, it would certainly be these faux bois-patterned melamine coasters from Lekker Home that won’t break, are stain-resistant, and will effectively protect side tables from water rings.

6. Deep Purples, Cobalts, and Greens

This fall, fashion designers are being inspired by deep jewel tones like eggplant, olive, and cobalt for everything from shoes to dress shirts — even fingernails. The same is true for the table.


Le Creuset has added vibrant cassis and fennel colors to their legendary stoneware line, while Juliska has debuted hand-pressed glass goblets and tumblers in similar tones. A series of these plum-toned vases from ABC Home are an elegant way to dress up a simple arrangement of leaves for the table. These vibrant compotes from Williams-Sonoma are a great alternative (with the help from a block of Oasis), and can double as a stylish serving piece to dress up a simple scoop or two of ice cream at dessert. Or add a bold statement of color to your bar area with these bright cobalt cut-crystal glasses from Waterford.