6 Recipes for Viewing the 2014 Emmy Awards

If you’re not sure what to eat Monday night, we have some Emmy-nominee-inspired recipes for you

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These recipes are so good, you might just win an award for making them.

Unless you’re hosting an Emmy-viewing party this year, you probably haven’t given much thought to what to eat Monday night while you watch. Does it matter? We think so! Whether you’re going to be viewing the 2014 Emmy Awards ceremony from home this year or whether you’re going to attend an Emmy-viewing party, we have a few Emmy-nominee-inspired recipes, courtesy of Great Performances, to help you get into the spirit.

Start your meal with a healthy veggie appetizer inspired by the very funny Orange is the New Black.

(Credit: Great Performances)
Click here for Red’s Secret Garden Crudité Recipe.

Then, add a little drama to your meal with a whole herb-roasted chicken, inspired by Game of Thrones.

(Credit: Sylvia's Table/ Liz Neumark)
Click here for the Dragon-Roasted Chicken Recipe.

Looking for more Emmy-viewing party food ideas? Check out these other recipes inspired by your favorite shows. 

Click here for a rib recipe inspired by House of Cards.

Click here for an oyster recipe inspired by Downtown Abbey.

Click here for a stir fry recipe inspired by Big Bang Theory.

Click here for a turkey burger recipe inspired by Breaking Bad.

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