6 Reasons to Love Daiquiris Slideshow

Think daiquiris are junk cocktails of the past? Think again: 6 daiquiri recipes to drink for National Daiquiri Day

Hemingway Daiquiri

Drink like the best writers do, with this Hemingway-made daiquiri. Click here for the Hemingway Daiquiri recipe.

Spicy Cantaloupe Daiquiri

Fresh-from-the-market cantaloupe stars in this light and delicate summer elixir that has a slight kick from the inclusion of fiery Thai chile. Click here for the Spicy Canteloupe Daiquiri recipe.

Classic Daiquiri

Find out why this dark rum cocktail is a classic. Click here for the Classic Daiquiri recipe.

Ginger Cherry, Berry, & Watermelon Daiquiri Recipe

There’s no problem meeting fruit servings when you can sip them like this. Rather than making a daiquiri that’s loaded with alcohol and added sugar, this is gently spiked and loaded with seasonal fruit. It’s a perfect 100 calories — and perfect for poolside, a backyard BBQ, or any time you just wanna chill out. Click here for the Ginger Cherry, Berry, & Watermelon Daiquiri recipe.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Chill down with this frosty rum concoction. Click here for the Strawberry Daiquiri recipe.

Daiquiri Lime Ice Pops

Sure, we said no frozen daiquiris — but you try getting through a heat wave without a frozen cocktail. Click here for the Daiquiri Lime Ice Pops recipe.