6 Most Delicious Looking Burgers on Tumblr

You cannot deny how happy and hungry these burgers will make you feel
Burgers of Tumblr

Burgers of Tumblr

Chipotle Cheddar Burgers with Corn Fritters (by Half Baked Harvest)

Oh haiiiiiiiii. You’re our newest bestest friend.


(Vertical Food)

Bacon Avocado Teriyaki Burger

It is all right there in the name.


(Psykik Garden)

Burger Bread

It is a burger baked right into the bread. What isn’t there to love about this carb fest? It looks to good, we can almost taste it.

burger killer


Guacamole Burgers with Roasted Corn, Mango, and Red Pepper Salsa

The colors in this burger are pretty mesmerizing. Is it possible to be hypnotized by a burger?



Garlic Chipotle Double Down Burger

Double down for what!? Oh yeah, for this glorious masterpiece.


(Hoarding Recipes)

Fried Egg Burger

Oh please, give us all the fried egg burgers. All of them.


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