6 Great Irish Cheeses Slideshow



This semi-firm raw cows' milk from Co. Cork is washed in brine regularly when it's young. It develops a bit of a grainy crust when well-aged. and goes great with big red wines.


A washed rind farmstead cow's cheese made on the Ardrahan Farm in Kanturk, Co. Cork. It's best when allowed to become fully creamy, and goes great with a well-aged Irish whiskey.



A semi-soft, white, bloomy-rind cow's milk cheese from County Tipperary. It's a pasteurized cheese from a farmstead that does a small, limited production. Dunbarra is super creamy with a lush, almost buttery mouthfeel.

Crozier Blue

This handmade, pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese from Tipperary has beautiful bluing, great flavor, and is nicely matched with a fortified wine and stout beer.


Made in Shull, Co. Cork using pasteurized milk from the Gubbeen family farm. Gubbeen develops a great earthy, forest floor flavor — it's almost reminiscent of mushrooms. Pair this with aged, big red wines.

St Tola

Make sure you get the aged version of this organic goat cheese from Co. Clare. It's creamy with a nice wrinkly rind, and goes great with crispy white wines and lagers.