6 Gadgets to Keep Your Wine Cool at the Beach

Chill your wine while you’re chilling on the beach, with these beachy wine gadgets

Set the scene: You’re sitting on the beach at 5 p.m. after most people have gone home. The waves are gently splashing up on the sand. The breeze is light. The smell of sea salt is in the air. Your feet are luxuriating in the toasty sand. You have 27 pages left in the mystery you’re reading. It’s time to crack open the bottle of wine and enjoy something cool and delicious as you treasure the best, last hours of your beach day.

We can’t exactly get you to the beach, but if you can get yourself there, we can make your favorite beach scene a little more pleasant with some gadgets and gizmos that will help your wine chill while you chill.

• These funky Chill It bags work both for the beach or if you’re taking a bottle of something cold to a friend’s house for a BBQ. Why waste one second letting a wine chill upon arrival when you can have it chilled and ready to open? Various prices.

• Pop one of these freezable sleeves into your cooler and keep your favorite white wines cool even in the heat. This wine chiller (with a fun design by Guy Buffet) is available at a great price at less than $10.

• Don’t spill a sip with these fabulous wine glass sippy cups, available in a ton of fun colors. Prices vary depending on quantity.

• These basic drink holders work for water or plastic cups with wine in them. Just poke them in the sand and your drinks stay upright. $30 for a six-pack.

Steady Sticks hold just one bottle of wine and they look really cool sticking out of the sand or the grass. Super steady and just $13 each.

This chair with an attached cooler bag is one efficient way to enjoy the beach. Free up your hands to carry other beach items while the chair carries the food and bevs. It’s just $40.


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