6 Fun New Year’s Eve Games for Kids

Keep the kids awake for the ball drop with these fun games

Get creative with these festive and fun holiday games!

We all know it’s easy to entertain adults on New Year’s Eve: all it takes is booze, snacks, and some loud music. But it’s a different story for the little ones, especially when they are trying to stay up until midnight for the first time.

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Remember being a kid and waiting for the ball to drop, munching on leftover Christmas cookies, your head dipping as you try super hard to stay up, but falling asleep halfway through Dick Clark’s New Year's Rockin’ Eve anyway?

It seems easy to run out of things to do before the clock strikes midnight; there are only so many times kids can play the same action-packed video game before becoming restless. And kids have far too much energy and are far too excited about staying up for the celebration to sit through a movie they’ve watched thousands of times.

Instead of plopping them in front of the TV, try playing some fun kids' games as a solution. More interactive and creative games will engage children physically, mentally, and socially, so the grown-ups can have some fun, too.


All it takes is a little creativity with some New Year’s Eve crafts to can keep kids occupied and happy until the clock strikes midnight, like piecing together last year’s food memories and preparing for new ones to put in a time capsule. Super-hero parents can keep kids entertained with some competitive word games to get the brain moving during that winter break or even get them running in circles looking for dinging egg timers and chasing down items during an exciting scavenger hunt. For more ideas on what to play this New Year's Eve, check out the accompanying slideshow!