6 Favorite Chardonnays

Outstanding wines from a recent tasting

Photo Modified: Flickr/ John Benson

Why am I drinking chardonnay when it’s freezing out? Because, to put it simply, it's always time for chardonnay. I have to laugh while writing this, as not too long ago I was almost of the opinion that it was never time for chardonnay. I have to admit that I just didn’t understand the wines as well as I might have thought.

I was turned off by the incredibly high frequency of encounters with fat, buttery, indistinct wines, thinking that only chablis really fit my palate. Well, I was wrong. The more I taste chardonnay, the more I find that I can and do enjoy the wines.

While reviewing wines, many factors come into play including my personal preferences, but I try to convey the overall quality of each wine even if it isn’t exactly to my tastes.

I’ve recently tasted through a few cases of chardonnay, and while many wines were excellent, these six wines were the standouts for my personal palate.

— Gregory Dal Piaz, Snooth

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