6 Fall Wine Glasses for Thanksgiving

Change the tone of your table with these beautiful wine glass finds

This beautiful set is just one of the beautiful wine sets you should add to your fall table.

We believe in preparing for the food extravaganza that is Thanksgiving early, but we do get your that  thoughts may not have totally turned to the meal just yet. While it is a great idea to plan your menu out, there are little things you can work on now to save yourself stress in the coming holiday months. Your table presentation is absolutely one of them.

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When we think in terms of decor, we immediately turn our thoughts to centerpieces and linens. Though both important, guests almost expect to see them when they arrive. If you really want your loved ones to start a buzz about your holiday table leave them with a talking point they will bring up for days: decorative wine glasses

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No longer are you confined to using your bridal shower set, you can invest in wine-ware for every season! Now, before they fly off shelves and out of internet stores, you can invest in beginning your Thanksgiving/fall collection. These works of art can be applied to any table or event, for a number of different styles. Simple designs like autumn leaves will give you dinner a relaxing feel, while etched wine glasses will help keep things formal. Get inspired to start your own collection with these beautiful piece.