5 Subtle Styles for Your Thanksgiving Table

Take a look at how these crafted linens can make your table pop

Make your Thanksgiving table shine.

Hosting Thanksgiving means more than cooking a big dinner. It's about creating an inviting atmosphere and making memories for folks to take with them through the years. Being the host of this holiday comes with a lot of pressure, but it can be made easier with the help of a little foresight. Anyone who has ever hosted Thanksgiving in their home will tell you that no detail is too small or insignificant — the more you plan, the smoother the event will go. While you can’t start the extravaganza two months early, you can begin to prepare your table.

Check out these 5 Subtle Styles for Your Thanksgiving Table!

Your Thanksgiving table should express your style and the vibe you wish to create for the dinner. While your food will speak for itself, it doesn’t hurt to have a gorgeous presentation to help define the feel of the meal. Whether subtle or screaming, your table accents will get guests in the festive spirit and leave them with the exact feelings you want them to take away from the table.  

To set the tone of your table, consider an often overlooked table accessory: the linen napkin. A design cloth napkin can actually do wonders for your table beyond just adding a pop of color. Setting down a differently textured or patterned cloth will give your table a flare that won’t overpower your centerpieces or delicious spread. These styles can range from the absolutely modern to the super-traditional, so you just need to know what to look for and how to make it work.

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We combed through the Etsy catalog to give you a few inspirational ideas for your next Thanksgiving table. Check out these five style ideas to get inspired for your table