5 Twists on Potato Salad

Give potato salad a makeover with these easy recipes

French Potato Salad

Summer grilling extravaganzas don’t seem to be complete without the requisite side of potato salad. Which version of potato salad that’s served, though, is up for debate. Full of mayo and bits of cornichons? Sprinkled with herbs in a mustard-based dressing? However it was served in your household, this classic side dish can always use a makeover or a fun twist.

For some basic tips, chef Dave Mawhinney, of The Wren in New York City, suggests dressing the potatoes while still warm so that the vinaigrette can be absorbed by the dense potatoes. For more sage advice, check out these tips on the foods everyone should know how to cook.

To spruce up gatherings this summer, try making one of these recipes and surprise friends and family with how good the classic side dish can really be.


Joanne's German Potato Salad
What makes a potato salad German? Let’s go with the delicious bits of bacon and bold dressing.


Spicy Purple Potato Salad 

Colorful potatoes add a fun visual aspect to this salad, while pickles give it a good crunch.


Mostly Not Potato Salad 

For those looking for a healthier version of potato salad, try serving this vegetable-packed recipe.


Southwestern Potato Salad

A zesty twist on potato salad combines garlic, cider vinegar, red bliss potatoes, black beans, sour cream, mayonnaise, and cilantro. Who knew they could all taste so good together?


French Potato Salad 

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