5 Surprising Wine Etiquette Tips

Wine specialist Aimee Cronin shares with us the surprising 'do's' of wine tasting

There is no wrong way to enjoy wine!

So many drinkers thoroughly enjoy the complex flavors of wine — from earthy to sweet, there is a bottle for every palate. But with the variety the world of wine has to offer, navigating it can be overwhelming. Event after event, there are always dozens of bottles to choose from, but every now and again you are poured the perfect glass. Between polite conversations you are smacking your lips reveling in the flavor. But before you know it, the night is over and you’re bereft that you never snagged the name of that wine bottle.

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One cool way to remember your wine selection is with the help of Drync, an app that allows you to snap pictures of wine bottles while you are out to save in your phone history or purchase right then and there through the app. This little tool is great for learning what flavors appeal to you and keeping track of what works for your palate.

But knowing really is only half the battle. You may now know what you like, but do you know how to serve it properly? Every good host worries about incorrectly chilling wine and looking silly while swirling a glass that doesn’t need to be aerated. 


But wine tasting doesn’t have to be as uptight as we imagine it to be. Wine specialist and marketing director of Drync Aimee Cronin would know. With 15 years of experience in the wine industry, Cronin is constantly trying to bridge the gap between consumers and sellers. She aims to make wine accessible for everyone, and shared some surprising tips for serving and enjoying wine. Have a look through our slideshow and never fear the fermented grape again!