10 Unique Wine Tasting Experiences

Segway or sleigh, hop on and get a taste of adventure during your wine-tasting trip.

Wine tasting

So you're planning a trip to Napa, where you'll rent a car for a few days of laid-back wine tasting, or if you’re really going to drink, you'll arrange for a chauffered van or bus. So much fun the first time, but it can get a little old after the third or fourth trip, especially when it's a wine region you frequent.

Then we heard about a wine tasting experience via Segway. Yes, we’re talking about that personal transporter that's something like an upright motorized scooter. While we haven’t yet climbed on one of Segway’s all-terrain x2 Adventure models, the idea of zipping through the vineyards of wine country sounds appealing, and it had us asking, what other unique wine tasting experiences are out there?

From sipping champagne on a river boat in Paris, while seeing the sights, multiple-night wine tasting treks along Italy’s Amalfi coast, to wine tastings in Texas Hill Country in a 1971 vintage VW bug, we found 10 unforgettable wine tasting experiences around the world that would excite even the most seasoned wine connoisseur.

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