5 New Ways to Cook with Campari

Think the liqueur is limited to just your cocktails? How restaurants are using Campari in their dishes
Champino Cocktail Demo from Pegu Club

How to cook with Campari.

Let's face it: Campari is the it drink of the summer. Can you really beat a Campari soda or a Negroni when the weather turns to spring? Probably not. But now, we're finding lots of restaurants and shops that are finding ways for us to eat our Campari, too. 

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Campari has quickly become the hottest liqueur to use when cooking, and restaurants from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. are jumping on board. We said we were dying for the secret for GBD's Campari Grapefruit donut — and now we have it. And beyond the sugary sweet we have something cold and refreshing, from our favorite ice pop purveyor People's Pops, and a savory snack, from Tango & Stache. 

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We have the recipes for easy ways to use Campari in your meals, plus Campari cocktail pairings to go with them. So get your Campari bottle ready — because it's going to get a lot of use this summer. Click ahead for Campari-infused recipes and cocktail pairings.