The Best of Bitter Spirits

Don’t be bitter, just drink bitter

The word "bitter" doesn’t always have the most positive connotation.

Often when we think of bitter, we think of an unpleasant flavor paired with a sour face. For many things, bitter is not the best descriptor word. However, when it comes to spirits, bitter is anything but a bad thing.

Enjoying cocktails is very similar to enjoying wine, in the sense that from the start we go with flavors that are more comfortable, and namely, sweet ones. As a novice cocktail drinker, I would automatically gravitate toward sweeter drinks, light on the base spirit and heavy on the liqueurs and juices that gave it that more than necessary sugary sip.

As I have begun to become more seasoned in drinking, I have learned to appreciate different flavors. While I still enjoy the occasional sweet drink here and there, it is a bitter drink that really turns on my taste buds.

Not too familiar with classic bitter spirits? Chances are you know exactly what they are and what drinks they’re in, even if you didn't realize that they are bitter spirits! These spirits can be enjoyed in a variety of cocktails, from the classics to many lesser-known concoctions. They are also great with a simple splash of soda and an orange wedge. In this cocktail revolution that we are all lucky enough to currently be a part of, bitter flavors are being accepted with open arms once again. I think I speak for everyone when I say, thank goodness!

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— Sara Kay, The