5 Martini Parties

Nothing gets a party moving and shaking like a classic martini

A cake batter martini, who knew?

Before the ladies of Sex and the City had cosmos, the martini was the social drink of choice. A favorite of James Bond — shaken, not stirred — the martini is a great drink to get people together. 

Dirty, straight, on the rocks, chocolate, coffee, apple — the versions are endless. So whether it’s for networking, a formal soirée, a date night out on the town, or a night in getting a manicure with your best gal pal, grab the iconic martini glass and get socializing. 

In honor of Martini Day, we’re rolling out ideas for parties centered on the beloved cocktail. Whether you're watching chick flicks or having a poker night, the martini is great to have at arm’s length.

Here are a few party themes to get you started: 

Sixties: The martini was huge in this decade. Have guests dress in 1960s attire and create a bar with all the classic fixings. As for eats, fondue should definitely make an appearance.

Mani & Martini: Make apple martinis, flirtinis, and chocotinis for a night of pampered pleasure. Indulge in manicures, pedicures, and massages all while catching up over cocktails and gossip. 

Poker Night: Get all the right bar snacks and create a roster of martinis fit for a night of high risks and good times. Dirty martinis and classic martinis are a must, and serve espresso martinis for all the late-night gamblers. 

Everything but the Drink: All different types of appetizers can be served in martini glasses. Have guests concoct dishes like loaded mashed potatoes, ceviche, shrimp cocktails, and even ice cream sundaes. See who comes up with the best recipe.

Outrageous-tinis: Martinis can get a little out of control, with flavors like cotton candy, candy cane, cake batter, and even grilled cheese! Have friends create their own crazy martinis and shell out scoring cards for guests to rate the drinks on taste, originality, and presentation.