5 Ideas for an Out-of-This-World Party

Get inspired to party deep into the unknown

You don't have to travel to a galaxy far away to throw a unique party.

Somewhere in the great unknown, there could be a distant galaxy full of creatures beyond our wildest imaginations. They could have six heads, eight eyes, and 12 probing fingers ready to dissect our brains for scientific study. Or maybe they are a peaceful people, who only wish to give us insight and intellect unknown to mankind. Whatever they and their motivations are, there are millions of people who believe they exist, and for some theorists, they just got all of the confirmation they ever needed. 

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The CIA’s confirmation of the not-so-secret military testing base Area 51  has long-suffering conspiracy theorists rejoicing in their gaming chairs. The long-awaited confirmation doesn’t include one on the existence of extraterrestrial life, but it does give believers a reason to hope. After all, one town in the area surrounding the base (Roswell, N.M.) has totally dedicated itself to that hope. And where there is hope, there is a reason (and plenty of ways) to celebrate the great beyond.

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When party planning, themes are always extremely useful to work around, and when it comes to aliens, there aren’t any limits. Play off astronauts, alien movies, or even mad scientists to create a wacky but endearing scene. You can set the scene out back under the stars, or create a basecamp in your living room. Kids and adults will love traveling through time and space on cute edible rockets while blasting each other with water "ray" guns  to get in the spirit. So leave your worries behind and head deep into the galaxy for a wild party worth having!