6 Cool Thanksgiving Leftovers Party Ideas

The best parties to throw when you’ve got a fridge full of Thanksgiving leftovers
6 Cool Thanksgiving Leftovers Party Ideas

Once the feast is over, the party doesn’t have to stop. After all, isn’t feasting on all the leftovers the next day, for some, even better than chowing down on the main meal itself? Think back to the Friends episode when Ross Geller brings in his gravy-soaked sandwich — it was the “only good thing going on in his life,” he said. Of course, a colleague steals his sandwich. Now, had he saved his leftovers a bit longer and hosted a casual Moist Maker get-together, that probably wouldn’t have happened.

After spending Thanksgiving Day with extended family, most are eager for a little fun with friends away from annoying siblings or over-doting parents. With an abundance of leftovers in the fridge, a three-day weekend, and perhaps some leftover booze, you’ve got all the makings for a fabulous party at your fingertips. Last year, we were inspired by Michael Chiarello's make-your-own-panini party. This year? It's Ross’ signature sandwich, which makes us want to throw an Iron Chef-style competition using up all of what's left over. Or, even if cooking up a storm and entertaining 20 guests from out of town has left you devoid of energy, still have those neighbors come over for the holiday movie marathon on TV. Can you say retro '50s movie night? Here some ideas to get you started.

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