5 Bites of Hong Kong

Chef Kam-Fu Cheng shares his five favorite places to eat in Hong Kong

Kam-Fu Cheng cooks up Catonese creations at his two Michelin-starred restaurant Celebrity Cuisine.

Fresh off his American debut at the 30th annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colo., June 15 through 17, two-Michelin-star chef Kam-Fu Cheng shares his favorite Hong Kong spots with The Daily Meal. Cheng has been a professional chef for almost four decades and creates signature Cantonese dishes at his restaurant Celebrity Cuisine in Central’s Lan Kwai Fong Hotel.

In addition to a stop at Cheng’s cozy 40-seat Celebrity Cuisine for Cantonese fare, The Daily Meal asked Cheng to recommend his favorite bites of Hong Kong.

Dim Sum: Intrigue has surrounded dim sum, the artful, palm-sized comfort food, since at least the Song Dynasty (960-1279) Hong Kongers have been tucking in to savory shu mai, chicken feet, steamed pork buns, sweet custard buns, and flaky egg tarts for centuries. Cheng’s favorite spot for the morning fare is Tim Ho Wan in Mongkok. He recommends the barbecue pork buns and sticky rice dumplings.

Snack: For what Cheng considers the best tea with great dim sum, visit Tsui Hang Village inside the Miramar Shopping Center in Tsim Sha Tsui. He also recommends trying Hong Kong’s standard soup with noodles, a favorite choice for lunch. The ubiquitous dish can be found all over Hong Kong.

Dinner: Because Hong Kong is surrounded by water, seafood is a natural choice for dinner. Cheng recommends heading to the region of Sai Kung, the second largest district in Hong Kong, and the islands of Po Toi for the freshest seafood dinner. Order the fish, shrimp, and crabs, which are caught fresh and cooked to order in a variety of ways.

Tea: Some of the best cha chaan tengs, or tea halls, are in Hong Kong. Cheng recommends a visit to any one of them to try Hong Kong milk tea (strongly brewed black tea with condensed milk) with a pineapple bun.

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