5 Bites of Detroit

The food scene in this city is experiencing a delicious renaissance

One of the main culinary attractions in Detroit is Eastern Market.

The city of Detroit is currently going through not only an industrial revitalization, but also a culinary one. Detroit’s local farmers, restaurant and bar owners, food purveyors, and community activists are at the forefront of the push to bring the true American spirit back into the city. The Motor City is one of the most culturally diverse cities in terms of immigrant neighborhoods; Detroit’s restaurant scene showcases many different types of cuisine, reminding most Americans of their strong immigrant roots.  

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One particular neighborhood that’s consistently known for its culinary treasures is Greektown. The area was established in the 1880s when immigrants migrated to Detroit from the Peloponnese area in southern mainland Greece. Situated close to the Greektown Casino in town, the strip of restaurants is home to authentic Greek cuisine that often attracts locals and tourists alike.

One of the main culinary attractions in Detroit is Eastern Market, which is at the forefront of the revitalization of the city. The Saturday market is a real draw, with a flurry of local purveyors and specialty food items on display among the staple farm and flower stands. There’s something for every food lover here, whether you want to pick up new spices, smell fresh aromatic teas, or nibble on fresh baked goods.

What’s old is new again as well in Detroit with the reopening of its iconic London Chop House restaurant. Opened in the 1930s, the London Chop House was a staple for those in Detroit’s power scene, with major Detroit auto barons and politicians commandeering some highly sought-after booths and tables. Today, the chop house has an innovative, yet classic menu that pays homage to that booming period of the city’s history.


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