5 Beer Facts About Super Bowl XLVII

Here's a tip: don't be one of the hundreds of thousands to call in sick on Monday

It's only days until the long-awaited holiday for beer lovers — we mean, football lovers — Super Bowl Sunday. And this year's Super Bowl facts reveal just how much beer we drink during the big game (and the commercials). 

We found some stats that will either make you very thirsty and feel very gluttonous. The facts: 

Multiple reports, including this one from SaveOnBrew, say that about 50 million cases of beer will be sold during Super Bowl XLVII, thanks to estimates from Nielson in 2011 that looked at how much beer was sold in the two weeks before the game. And that's not including all the beer that's consumed at bars and stadiums across the country.

SaveOnBrew shares that all that beer will result in 1.4 billion trips to the bathroom. And Rant Sports shares that the next day will be rough for many, as antacid sales that Monday after the game spike about 20 percent. 

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Speaking of that day after, you better think long and hard of a solid excuse if you plan to call in hungover  — er, we mean sick. Some reports say that 6 percent of all Super Bowl spectators will call in sick on Monday, SaveOnBrew reports that number is 7 million (which seems really, really high), while Voxxi says it's 1.5 million. No matter the stats, just know that your employer is going to be really suspicious. Fortunately, there is a White House petition circulating to call the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday. So far, there are about 12,300 signatures; the petition needs 100,000. So, get on it folks.