4 Party Perfect Cocktails for St. Patrick's Day

Get the celebration started with these sweet drinks
Paddy’s Day Party Drinks
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Enjoy these tasty green cocktails at your St. Patrick’s Day party.

To kick off St. Patrick’s Day weekend right, you need you be properly imbibed. There is just no other way to put it. The glory of this holiday is that you can spend it getting tipsy all day with your best friends with little shame.

And while we don’t promote a gross negligence of responsibility or over-drinking, we do believe it is a great opportunity to get into the celebration with festive drinks. So whether you are pre-gaming before an Irish-American pub crawl or you’re planning on having all of those proud Irish celebrators in your home, these fabulous green cocktails are a great way to tip your glass to the Emerald Isle.

Lucky Charm
It is “sinfully delicious.” Get your deviant leprechaun on this St. Patrick’s Day.

Green with Envy
You’ll make everyone who didn’t come to your St. Patrick’s Day party jealous with this drink!

Irish Jell-O Shots
Sweet and nostalgic, this super easy Jell-O shot is a fun way to get the party started this St.Patrick’s Day!

Luck o’ the Mojito
For a refreshing and lucky drink, mix together this up-scaled themed cocktail.

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