3 Boozy Brunch Recipes

For your weekend brunch, booze beyond sangria and mimosas

Try any of these delicious drinks for a new twist on boozy brunch.

Brunch is glorious. You wake up late, lounge around until early afternoon and get to scarf down delicious breakfast recipes. The best part about going to brunch is the fact that it’s completely socially acceptable to drink before noon.  The best part about hosting a brunch? You get to pick the booze![promo]

Sure, classic brunch cocktails like mimosas, sangrias, and Bloody Marys will never go out of style, but brunch doesn’t have to be predictable. You can add a ton of whimsy to your brunch soiree with a few cocktails that take you outside of the normal breakfast arena. Mix these up this weekend for a great time:

The Forbidden Huckleberry

This cocktail is a prelude to spring. The name is due to grapefruit (''the forbidden fruit'') combined with Huckleberry vodka. 

Lillet’s Petal

This is a unique, summer-style, gin inspired cocktail. Lillet's Pedal is built with Glorious gin, which carries a malty floral note. Other ingredients are Lillet White, a little splash of tonic with a muddle orange, and a spritz of Crème De Violet, which is an old, pre-prohibition liquor that brings a summer floral note to finish the cocktail.


Cosmopolitans are so last year. Kick into high spring fashion with this delicious and refreshing spring cocktail.

The Brooklyn Espresso Martini


You'll wake up and get down with this espresso martini.