3 Great Bargain Wines for Less Than $20

A trio of favorite value wines that pair with virtually any dish

As many of the world's top wines escalate to dizzying prices, it's important to remember that there is another world below the clouds that gets a lot less press — that of great values.

I am first and foremost a wine drinker. Why? Well, that’s simple. For me, wine is just another food group. But, that’s not a negative. To the contrary, I love food and I love wine. To me they are interconnected. I have spent my life looking to find the best of both. Of course, I have my favorites — those that represent my taste and my ability to afford them. And, without question, some have escalated dramatically in price over the course of my adult life.

That said, the simple fact is that, in the world of wine, really good wine has probably never been more affordable. There are still many under-the-radar wines that have not yet received the recognition they deserve. You just have to tune up your palate, cast your prejudices aside, and get with the program. Don’t be intimidated and trust your taste.

Some have said that today is the worst of times and the best of times. Perhaps that is true. But, in the world of really good wine, I would argue that it is simply the best of times. Why? Because, in the very ancient days, wines were not that good. Today it's a different story. Now the best wines are extraordinary. And, many of the best wines have prices to match. But, many of these same wines are overhyped, overrated, and overpriced. Most of these wines live at the top of the big numbers rating scale — a micro segment that has many gullible followers. Underneath this is a great sea of wine that is terrific and reasonably priced in relation to other top quality foods. These wines are produced in most of the wine growing regions of the world. How can this be, you might ask? The reason is simple. We live in a time where, for most wines, supply exceeds demand.

Here are three new wines that I think represent terrific value and are, for me, a pleasure to drink with the appropriate foods as determined by your personal taste. I have drunk these wines with a wide variety of foods. In fact, I would say that with this trio of wines at your disposal, there is virtually no food that would not match well with at least one of them.