21 Weirdest Beer Flavors

We scoured and found 20 crazy beer flavors, and some are just downright gross

These beer flavors are bizarre but strangely delicious.

Beer is undoubtedly one of America’s favorite drinks. It’s the perfect thirst-quencher after a hot day in the sun, and the ideal drink to casually sip on Sunday while you’re watching the big game. The craft brew  trend is still going strong in America, and as craft breweries continue to pop up all over the country, their interesting and innovative brewing concoctions are finding their way to our liquor stores as well. We love the idea of new and creative flavors, like the three new flavors Budweiser put out for their faithful drinkers — Vanilla Bourbon Cask, Beechwood Block, and North Pacific Style Lager — but it’s always exciting when something really innovative, and well, weird hits the market.

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Breweries are constantly developing new flavors that will help to ring in new seasons, like pumpkin for Thanksgiving, citrus for the summer, avocado honey for the spring… wait, what? Avocado and honey? Well, yes, because Island Brewing Company is one of the many breweries that has created funky, and downright weird, flavors of beer. Whether it’s a pecan nut flavor for the Thanksgiving season or even the pine-needle-flavored beer from Williams Brothers Brewing Company, we must admit we're excited to give some of these brews a try. But then there are the disgusting ones we wouldn't dare touch with a 10-foot pole, like the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout from Wynkoop Brewery in Colorado. We understand Colorado is all about the buffalo, wide open spaces, and cowboys, but must they develop a beer that is the flavor of bull testicles? We’ll pass.


While most of these beers aren't necessarily going to be found all over the country, they are pretty available to you adventurous beer drinkers. Great Divide Brewery is located in downtown Denver and has massive distribution across the United States. If you're not a westerner, some of the breweries on this list are located in New England, and even a few down south. While they don't have major distribution in liquor stores across the country, there's always the chance to take a brew tour and hit up their tasting rooms! The great thing about craft breweries is their willingness to let their drinkers taste their new creative brews. So if you can't make it across the pond to the UK to taste a banana bread brew, there are others on this list that we might take a cool swig of after a long day if it means we get flavors of Key lime pie, coconut, and even peaches. But some of these? We’ll leave it to you to do the taste testing…