2012 St. Patrick's Day Primer

The end-all, be-all guide to a successful St. Patty’s Day

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish — it’s a rule. On this upcoming beloved green day you’re meant to eat a lot, drink even more, and enjoy each other’s company. The Daily Meal has every type of celebration covered — whether it’s a pub full of strangers, a small family dinner, or a bunch of old college buddies reliving their St. Patty’s Day traditions for the umpteenth time.


How to Party

A St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, Illustrated

Paint the plate green with these holiday-inspired recipes artfully crafted both on paper and on the dish by the popular site They Draw and Cook.



A Rainbow-Themed Party

Even little leprechauns like to have fun on St. Patrick’s Day! Throw a rainbow-themed party for your kids and their friends and watch the fun they have while searching for a pot of gold.


A Modern Irish Dinner

In order to host a truly authentic Irish dinner, get tips from the source. County Clare’s chef Wade Murphy is all about using fresh, seasonal, Irish ingredients to make a simple and traditional dish a bit more modernized.


Green Eggs and Ham Pre-Game Breakfast

In true collegiate manner, this holiday starts when the sun rises and doesn’t end until well after it has set. Try a hearty breakfast to prepare for the festivities — green eggs and ham, anyone?


What to Drink (Besides a Lot)

Frozen Cucumber Mint Mojito Recipe

What green beer? We’re going green — cocktail style. Achieve the appropriately hued beverage with some cucumber, limeade, and a bit of mint. Oh yeah, tequila too.


Irish Sunburn Shot Recipe

Let’s face it, a true Irishmen is not going to score an amazing tan. He’s going to get sunburnt, for sure. What’s an Irish sunburn look like? Something like this.


Slainte Sobieski Cocktail Recipe

Kick off the day with a serious toast, and by serious toast that means this creamy, sweet Irish classic.



Shamrocked Shot Recipe

A little bit of melon, a shot of whiskey, and a swirl of Irish crème and be prepared to get shamrocked, in the best way possible. Take a shot of the green stuff and be prepared to want another.


For the Love of the Shamrock Shake

Quick! The Shamrock Shake has arrived — there are only so many days that it’s available, so sip up! When you’re sitting there, enjoying that minty milkshake, read up on its history.


What to Eat (to Sop Up Your Drink)

Cooking with Guinness

From mains to desserts, here’s a no-fail menu to use the beloved dark beer in the kitchen.



Braised Lamb Shanks with Lemon-Caraway Gremolata Recipe

Root vegetables and a lemony gremolata turn an age-old Italian recipe into an Irish one.



Corned Beef Quesadilla with Chipotle-Russian Dressing Recipe

Put a spin on corned beef and get creative with these quesadillas packed with both Irish and Mexican flavors with a cool creamy finish.



Gluten-Free Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Gluten woes are now solved — well at least on St. Patrick’s Day. Normally a gluten-packed holiday, it’s possible to now enjoy classic shepherd’s pie without a care in the world — using this recipe.


Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread Recipe

Want a slice of the savory sweet loaf but are plagued with celiac or gluten intolerance? Fear no more, this method will leave you enjoying the traditional eat without worries.


Chocolate Whiskey Cake Recipe

Whiskey-infused chocolate cake — what else is there to say? Oh yes, the whiskey is Irish and here’s the recipe.


And there it is. This day is filled with Irish pride and a whole lot of alcohol — enjoy it responsibly, but don’t forget to have fun!