Somebody Paid $9,995 for a Gallon of Expired McJordan Sauce

An unnamed Chicagoan bought the $9,995 jug of expired McJordan McDonald's sauce

Remember that jar of Michael Jordan's McJordan sauce that clearly had an expiration date marked 1992? Well, somebody bought that off eBay seller Mort Bank for $9,995, the asking price.

Bank, a former Mickey D's franchise owner, reports that an unknown Chicagoan bought the McJordan sauce at the "Buy It Now" price. Apparently there was enough interest that if the jug had gone to auction, the price would have skyrocketed.

"There was a lot of interest," Bank told the New York Daily News. "Despite Michael Jordan’s popularity, the sandwich wasn’t a national promotion."

This is the most expensive item Bank has sold through eBay, with a McDonald's statue coming in second place, selling for a few thousand dollars.


In the meantime, New York Daily News speculates that Jordan himself bought the 20-year-old sauce, while we think it's just somebody with a lot of money to spend and a lot of memorabilia in their house. We wonder if McDonald's will bring the sandwich back now, just for kicks.