Jug of Michael Jordan McDonald's Sauce on Sale for $10,000

Somebody is selling 1 gallon of unopened McJordan sauce from 1992
Michael Jordan
Wikimedia/Steve Lipofsky

Back in 1992, when Michael Jordan was dominating the NBA, McDonald's released a Michael Jordan burger titled the McJordan. Now, a full 20 years later, some McJordan magic sauce still exists.

CSN Chicago reports that a seller on eBay is hawking a 1-gallon, unopened jug of the McJordan sauce for $9,995. Currently, it has 14 offers.

The sauce, which seems to be a barbecue sauce of some sort, was served with a quarter-pound beef patty, cheese, onions, pickles, and bacon to make the McJordan burger. And please, let's not confuse the McJordan with the Beef Wennington, which was served with Canadian bacon instead around 1998. The seller claims, "Michael Jordan was the first person to have a McDonald's sandwich as a namesake."


We're a little wary of trying some 20-year-old McDonald's sauce, but this does sound like a good subject for a documentary (ahem Morgan Spurlock). Check out the eBay listing for more information.