$2 Million Spent By Government On Coffee And Croissants

You may be used to spending $1 (at a corner pastry cart in New York City), to $5 (double pump latte from Starbucks) for your morning cup of coffee. But surprise! Turns out, Americans are treating Congress to generous platters of croissants and coffee with their tax money as well.

ABC News got some important numbers from The Sunlight Foundation, a group that investigates for government transparency, regarding the House of Representatives breakfast spending. For the year 2012, the receipt was $2 million for coffee and food.

So why not "let them eat cake"? The money spent on the morning treats is from an allowance that can be used to pay for a various amount of things from sending mail, to entertaining visitors. However, many furious people believe this money should go towards creating American jobs instead. Although many catering receipts were excessive, Kevin McCarthy of California had the grand total of $95,000 as the biggest spender. "That's a couple of jobs for the average American," says Bill Allison, The Sunlight Foundation's editorial director.

McCarthy doesn't hide the morning java bill either; his Facebook page has photos of coffee, fruit, and pastries on the table at meetings. When he was approached this week by an ABC News rep, his response to the situation was "You noticed. We cut it." The rep was then offered a bagel.